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Counselor Cuckold 2

Pammy Perkins

Copyright 2012 Pammy Perkins

Smashwords Edition

As dawn broke, the glow of orange light poured in through the white cotton curtains of Natalie’s window, glimmering on her exposed breasts and pouring down into a pool on her pink satin sheets. She awoke to find that her husband had already left for work.

It had become a habit of his to abandon their new home during the day and return at night, too exhausted to give Natalie any sexual attention. Natalie’s plan to leave her husband and seek out the sexual attention she desired had almost come to fruition. However, Natalie’s visit to the marriage counselor the previous day changed all that.

She didn’t know what overcame her at that consultation, but her urge to become the counselor’s personal fuck thing to spite her husband consumed her. She loved the excitement of making her husband jealous when he called her phone as Dr. Kent was taking her anal virginity in his consulting office. However, while he was humiliated by the experience, John’s confession of finding the entire situation strangely arousing relit the spark of their marriage, and Natalie’s newfound sexual desire to fuck other men had redefined their relationship into one of openness and sexual freedom from what had previously felt like a prison. Her husband was so turned from hearing her sexcapade over the phone that he fucked her raw ass as soon as he got home, still wet and slippery with Dr. Kent’s milky discharge.

Natalie reached her arms out as she stretched her back, letting out a sigh as her golden locks shimmered in the sunlight and fell to her breast. She was still sore from the vigorous fucking she’d taken the day before while she was down on all four in Dr. Kent’s office. Thinking about the whole ordeal was making her leak her own juices. She was covered in the scents of Dr. Kent’s cologne and her husband’s sweat, and the realization that she had just been fucked by two men in the same day was turning her on even more.

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