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He was bare naked!

Tracey Scott stood trance-like with her hand still on the blind she'd pulled. Jon had warned her last night he was hard to wake. He might have at least warned her he slept in the raw, too!

Biting her lip, Tracey tried to get herself to stop looking. At the very least, to get herself to do what she'd come in here to do and then leave.

When she'd come to live with her employers, Jon Rushing and Blackie Scarpacchio, she'd foreseen a few issues of privacy being breached. Now she stared at a part of Jon she'd admired more than once in worn denim. No denim this time. No nothing. Oh my.

He'd yanked a pillow over his head as soon as she'd drawn the first blind and sunshine had poured across the bed. It was summer, and the old house they rented had few amenities like air conditioning. The fan did little or nothing except recirculate hot air. Why not sleep in the nude?

Tracey swallowed the lump in her throat. After a night of steamy, erotic dreams about this man, ones she'd almost convinced herself were normal and no indication of real desire, seeing Jon's muscled, nicely rounded rear end....

He started to roll, and Tracey panicked. She couldn't see any more than she already had. She couldn't!

Darting forward, she put her hand on his shoulder, hoping to deflect the full-body roll onto his back. "Jon, wake up! We're still going to the car show today, right?"

"What time is it?" he grumbled.

"Nine-thirty. Are you awake?"

His head popped out from under the pillow, and he looked up at her with barely open eyes.

Tracey desperately tried to keep her gaze on his face, but this close up...Mhm.

Although Jon was only five foot seven--and a half, he was always quick to add--he was the most attractive man Tracey had ever known. She was barely five-four herself, so she didn't mind his height at all. He remained larger-than-life to her. Perfectly proportioned. Wildly sexy...

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