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Catering To His Every Need

Pammy Perkins

Copyright 2012 Pammy Perkins

Smashwords Edition

Good riddance, Jessica thought, cranking up the radio as she drove through the rich suburbs of Beverly Hills. Tonight she would be catering at Mr. and Mrs. Jettison’s Homeowners Association Awards party. Five years of my life down the drain. But she had known for the past year that the end of their relationship was quickly drawing near.

She and Tommy had been dating since they were sophomores in high school, but his possessive tendencies and strict Christian upbringing left her feeling suffocated and sexually frustrated. While he hadn’t been opposed to letting her suck him off, he would never give her oral pleasure in return or cross the penetration boundary. She’d once begged him to fuck her ass, hoping he’d accept the “technical virgin” philosophy that came with the absence of vaginal sex. However, that suggestion only disgusted him. I can’t believe he thinks anal sex is only for gay people. I should have dropped that homophobic fucktard right then and there.

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