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A Fantasy Short Story

(Alaia Chronicles)

Cate Rowan

In the beginning, when the world of Alaia was young and gods still lived among men, an immortal forged a sword with a peculiar and deadly magic. For him it was merely a trifle, a bauble to while away the hours, since he had both eons and enchantments to spare. As time wore on, he moved on to other amusements and left his trinket lying forgotten in the grass.

Taso and Kismet, his grown twin sons, were the pride of the younger gods—all of them ripe with masculine ambition and exploits. In the heat of a summer morning, the brothers vibrated in the sunlit glade like plucked strings.

Dark-haired Kismet spied the glimmering prize first, and a huff escaped him. Could this be from his father’s forbidden armory? He’d longed to get his hands on one of those swords.

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