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Claude & Sophia

By Shane Alexander Greenhough

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Shane Alexander Greenhough

Claude looked up at Sophia over the black plastic edge of the laptop’s screen.
It was definitely a look.
It wasn’t long or intent enough to be a stare, but it was certainly more than a glance. A
look then. Would she notice? The fluttering in his stomach told him that he hoped not.
He brought his eyes back down to the work in front of him. Just in time. A moment longer and his look would have been met by one of hers.
Sophia’s was more of a stare. It bored into the top of his determinedly downcast head, hoping that he’d look up again. He didn’t, and if she kept it up for too much longer, she worried that her stare would have turned manic by the time he did. She returned to the stack of papers in front of her, pen in hand.

The silence – bloated by words neither had the courage to say – hung in the air between them. Subtle glances, and more than a few looks passed back and forth, each unseen by the other.

So,” Claude broke the silence, “what do you think?”

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