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All characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Lucky Star (Out of her Time, #1)

Copyright © 2009 Odette C. Bell

Smashwords Edition

Current cover art stock photos: Beautiful freckled girl © Sergey Pristyazhnyuk, Handsome young man © Nejron, Realistic planet © Merydolla, Sunset in alien planet © Frenta, Calligraphic design elements & page decor © S-e-r-g-o. Licensed from Dreamstime.

Previous cover art stock photos: Blue Smoke © Juan Morelis, Man with hat © Branislav Ostojic, Dark portrait © Branislav Ostojic, Earth from Space © Dean Neitman. Licensed from Dreamstime.

Lucky Star

Odette C. Bell


I clamped my hands around my mouth and coughed into them. It muffled the sound, prevented it from ricocheting around the hanger and advertising our position like a firecracker on a coal black night.

Commander Hatch wouldn't let up though – he motioned me on with a strong flick of his hand. But when I didn't react immediately, too busy coughing up my lungs, he just looped one orange and black body-armored arm around my middle and pulled me forward.

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