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Fallen Prince

Tess Williams


Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Tess Williams

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Cry alone, I’ve gone away

No more nights, no more pain

I’ve gone alone, took all my strength

I’ve made the change

I won’t see you tonight

—I Won’t See You Tonight Part 1, Avenged Sevenfold

~ ~ ~




If I closed my eyes I could feel the excitement of battle building below. The pounding of hearts in wait. The ringing of steel, sharpened but yet to be tested. The threat of goblins hiding in the trees. The fires they’d built within the forest rose up in smoke and lit the silver sky with pink. It required no stretch of my mind to imagine a flying beast silhouetted against the scene, its slick dragon’s tail swept back into a curl, the feathers of its eagle’s torso rustling with wind, the soft fur of its lion’s head rimmed with light. And best of all its harness of silver, where I, princess of Shaundakul could ride, leading my father’s army into battle. A shining emblem in the sky, prepared to cast the goblins down with not one but two swords and the ability to call upon the skies for bolts of lightning, and the sun for balls of—

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