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The Girlfriend Who Has a Boyfriend…Who Has a Boyfriend!

By Sofia Bane

Copyright Sofia Bane February 2012

Smashwords edition

I had known for weeks, of course, since we had moved in together, that Ben was bisexual. If he had had boyfriends in his dating past as well as girlfriends, he never mentioned them to me. But I saw how his gaze stayed upon hot men when we were out, and how he sometimes would be looking at the guy instead of the woman when we watched porn together. Whatever, if he didn’t want to bring it up then I’d let it remain his little secret.

I was in our bedroom alone one evening, surfing for porn to watch together later, but I had gotten…distracted by one clip of two men fucking. I was on my back with my fingers down my panties, teasing my clit with the video on my laptop beside me, when Ben walked in. “Felicia – oh.” He was stopped in his tracks, clearly expecting a more mundane scene.

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