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Published by Stroker Chase at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 by Stroker Chase

Cover Model: Laurie Foster

My wife, Joan, rushed over to the door. She knew what was coming in the mail, and hopped up and down in excitement. She quickly grabbed the box from the deliverer, and said “thank you” quickly. It seemed a little rude for her, but then again, she was horny, and when she was horny, my girl could be wild.

Joan was a beauty. Long hair, long legs, and a round, juicy ass. Her breast were huge too. The total package. I watched her get down on her knees in front of me and rip open the box.

She pulled out the packaging. Three boxes. One, a whip. Another, a leather cat suit for her, and the third, a pair of nipple clamps. I knew she was most looking forward to the whip. Joan confessed to me how she wanted to be whipped one night. She wanted me to whip her raw and red. Needless to say, the night ended with us fucking hard and rough.

Why don’t you go try on that suit? And I’ll have the whip ready for you when you come out.”

Joan smiled at me. I loved that smile. Her sexual appetite was strong, and she had always been pretty adventurous with sex, but after a couple of years of marriage, now she was moving even faster. I had always commented how Joan was so submissive. And she had vehemently denied it.

But we knew the truth. Finally, she had told me. She said she had always been interested in being dominated. I never knew just how interested in it she was until now! She was reading hot bondage stories on line, and one day I came home to her masturbating to some kinky fetish porn.

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