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Defence Reaction


Leigh Jarrett

Copyright © 2012 Leigh Jarrett

All rights reserved

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Come Play In My World™

Chapter One

Gary Bartell leaned back in his chair and surveyed the extent of his new domain. If you could really call it that. It was just an office. But it was his office. Five years of hacking away and crunching numbers for someone else's glory were over. This was his chance to prove himself. A new office. A new employer. A new life.

Slipping open his desk, he removed the small box containing his new business cards. He grinned as he discarded the lid and read the imprint. Gary Bartell - Controller. Finally. He was in charge of his own accounting department. It wasn't glamorous, but it was all he'd ever wanted to do. He brushed his thumb over the embossed logo. Campbell & Pollier, Attorneys at Law. They were definitely taking a chance with him—being that he was still so young. But after meeting with one of the head guys, Aaron Campbell, Gary knew he'd be getting a phone call, saying he had the job. They'd really hit it off after discovering they'd played field lacrosse for the same university. Six years apart, but the same team regardless. Brotherhood was brotherhood, and he was in.

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