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Rough Sex With The Highway Patrolman

by Kitty Meaker

Copyright Kitty Meaker 2012

Published at Smashwords

Tabitha cruised down the highway, feeling buzzed. It was two in the morning and there was nobody else on the road. She could cruise the way she loved to – fast and hard. She took another sip of beer and laughed. The highway went on for endless miles, and so could she. There was nothing in the world like the feel of the engine roaring.

Nothing, of course, except scratching that little itch between her legs. With one hand on the wheel, Tabitha reached down and ran a finger along her pussy. She was soaking wet. She grinned. The real thrill of cruising like this was that it turned her on – a lot. Your average woman probably couldn't masturbate while driving down the highway, but Tabitha had it down to an art.

She plunged a finger in and pushed her foot down on the gas. She moaned as her car vibrated from the acceleration. She had already worked herself into a state, and was on the brink of cumming. She had to resist the urge to close her eyes, had to resist giving into that wonderful feeling. Her finger worked faster as she barreled down the highway. She saw a police cruiser parked by the side of the highway, obviously there to catch speeders. Fuck! she thought.

But it was too late to slow down. She was going to have her cum no matter what. She left her foot on the accelerator and renewed her fingering, desperate for that climax. Then, she reached it. Her body tightened, and her foot slammed the accelerator to the floor. She felt the car lurch and her body lurch with it. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she cried, her orgasm washing through her. The danger of it all just added to the excitement. For a brief moment she closed her eyes, letting the incredible feeling wash over her. Then she forced herself to open them, to watch the road. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the lights of the patrol car in her rearview mirror.

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