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Adasia Released


Damien Darby


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Damien Darby on Smashwords

Copyright @ 2012 Damien Darby


Smashwords Edition, License Notes

Thank you for choosing to experience my work. Your support for this independent artist and author is infinitely appreciated and well received. Adasia Released is a work of fiction, written for your enjoyment only. Any resemblance to actual persons, places, or things is either purely coincidental or meant fictitiously. All rights reserved. This eBook may not be re-sold, replicated in any form, or given away without the express permission of the author. Forgiving of course quotes for reviews. This eBook is copyright protected material.



The crisp February air gushed through the open driver’s side window as she navigated the darkening streets of downtown Memphis. The traffic was especially calm this evening, more people staying in on Valentine’s than going out she guessed. As Trina passed the Orpheum, she ran a hand through her short, cut, damp dark hair, and came to a lonely stop at Beale Street. The combination of chilly air, damp hair, and the lack of a sweater brought about a shiver. This wasn’t one of her more intelligent moves. Meeting a complete stranger for a drink at a last minute request, was definitely on her I don’t do things like this list. But she was lonely, and quite frankly, a little on the desperate side.

It had already been an unbearable number of years since she interacted in a male-female relationship, and her lack of common sense was showing. Biting her bottom lip, she contemplated turning around and heading back home. The light clicked over to green, but instead of turning her Beretta around, she went right and continued down Main Street to the blues club. They agreed upon meeting at the club previously through digital correspondence.

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