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Copyright © 2011 JOSELYN VAUGHN

ISBN 978-1-936852-65-9

Cover Art Designed by Elaina Lee

Edited by Nia Plummer

For Joe and the Koffee Kuppe Writers who kept me from hitting the delete key when I was ready to give up.

Chapter One

"My client is prepared to make it worth your while."

Minnie Schultz rolled her eyes and shifted the phone against her shoulder. She'd received offers to sell her bed and breakfast before, but this was outrageous. She traced the six zeroes the attorney had quoted on her notepad until there were indents in its cardboard backing. One million dollars.

She stood by the window overlooking her little garden. She'd planted pumpkins this year for Wendy; they were going to pick one to decorate this afternoon. In all her seventy-four years, she'd never found a place that felt so much like home. She wouldn't give up this small bit of heaven for any amount of money.

"The Lilac Bower isn't for sale," Minnie said for the fourth time in their conversation. "Why won't you tell me who you represent?"

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