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Bound and Bred

by Alexandra Awes

Published by Awesome Erotica

Copyright © 2011 Alexandra Awes. All Rights Reserved.

Cover Image: Andrey Guryanov , 2011,

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One

All is misery. A shiver travels down my spine and settles in the base of my being. I am hunched beneath the sole pool of light emanating from a bulb suspended above my head. My body is barely clothed. A short gaudy sequin skirt covers my rear and a strip of matching fabric is wrapped around my chest, offering no support at all for my bouncing breasts.

I am being sold as I have been sold so many times before. Once upon a time I was the main feature, adorned in gold and jewels, pampered and primped until I could no longer stand. Today I am merely Lot 527. I hear the voices of the men ranged around the outer edges of the room. They are judging me, finding me wanting. I am not young anymore and my history of ownership is littered with notes of escapes attempted and failed. If I am lucky I will be taken to be someone's house slave, if I am unlucky, well, best not to think about that.

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