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Out On A Limb

By Luna Loupe

Copyright 2012 Luna Loupe

Smashwords Edition

It was a beautiful day: the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the sky was a brilliant blue dotted with cottony puffs of cloud. Adam tried to appreciate it as he streaked across the stranger's yard, two enormous, slavering dogs hot on his heels.

This wouldn't have been a problem if his prankster friend Gloria hadn't thought it would be hilarious to steal the focus from his collar - the small amber-colored stone that let Adam shift between a handsome young man and a long-limbed, long-haired cream-and-marmalade tabby cat. He had been unpleasantly surprised when he had discovered it was missing, but he'd thought it would be fine. After all, it only meant taking a longer route home, through yards and alleys rather than by car.

The exercise couldn’t hurt me, of course, Adam thought bitterly, running as fast as his legs could carry him. Stupid! He should've known better. He'd never made the trip home from the coffee shop where his circle of friends met while he was shifted. He didn't know the terrain, and now he was paying for it - how big was this person's yard, anyway, and didn't their absurdly large dogs ever get tired?

Adam saw his salvation ahead: a tall, thick-trunked tree. As he ran full-tilt at the tree, he tensed his body and leapt, scrambling up to safety in the higher branches. He sat down and began to wash himself self-consciously.

At least they can't get me up here- his train of thought derailed with a horrifying crash as one of the dogs began to scramble up the tree. I'm the one that's supposed to do that! He thought, leaping to the higher, thinner branches, climbing up until he was certain he was out of reach.

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