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Why was he so important? Why did the Syndicate treat him so well and with so much respect, deference, and reverence? What was the foundation of his power?

He had quickly become a trusted partner of Dr. Jack Edmond, the originator of the Transfer Project, and had a lead role in the successful Transfer involving Eric and Dr. Sydney Lyndon. Soon thereafter, he realized the value and potential moneymaking applications of the Transfer, and contacted acquaintances from Eastern Europe who ran an East Coast syndicate.

After he briefed them on his novel ideas, they showed immediate interest in bankrolling his “parallel” lab, which replicated Dr. Edmond’s scientific work.

“Please excuse my direct language and don’t be offended. We want results and I know how to get them. I need control of my staff and workplace. Organizational changes are needed syndicate-wide to strengthen and secure us. I like neither the structure nor the mentality permeating the group. We’re vulnerable. We need to modernize and subdivide in isolated cells for security,” he told his financiers bluntly during their first videoconference.

“The syndicate is a disparate clique of thugs and petty criminals with territories, bosses, and infighting. We’ll be out of business or in prison in two years or so if we don’t consolidate and expand. To quickly turn things around, we should no longer recruit amateurs or friends of friends. If salvageable, we’ll keep people in place and reeducate them. We’ll hire the most intelligent prospects with experience and expertise in scientific, financial, legal, governmental, medical, and forensic fields. These seasoned specialists, organized in teams, will explore all scenarios of our plans. You’ll provide me with preselected individuals to choose from. I repeat: we’ll either become bigger and smarter or die. The membership in our syndicate will be for life. Members should feel they belong,” he told them.

“We’ll make the choice easy. First, harden punishments. Those not following rules will do so at the risk of not only their lives, but also the lives of their families. It’s an irrevocable commitment, without breakup or escape clause and simple rules, easy to grasp: you must promote and advance the cause of the Syndicate. Second, sweeten the pot. In return, the Syndicate assumes full responsibility for your needs and your family’s, and we, the Syndicate, are now your family, period.”

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