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Just Beneath the Surface, I?

Ramsey does a good job showing us where Kendall's life falls apart and the reasons she chooses to stay. T. Dewhurst, Amazon reader

Just Beneath the surface is a study in abuse. You automatically know this will be a story about domestic abuse; you just have to wonder how it will be told. R.H. Ramsey does a terrific job in her telling. Like the peeling of an onion, just as one layer of abuse is revealed another is seen just beneath the surface. As I read the story I began to see the problem started in subtle ways. What seemed like a loving, fun filled family was really a group of people always ticking at each other. Name calling and teasing between brother and sister, snide, belittling remarks between the parents, and a woman who doesn't have respect for the man she is with is a disaster waiting to happen. Ey Wade, Author of The Perfect Solution

I liked the tight, realistic dialogue and the use of alternate chapters written from the intimate viewpoints of the two main characters. The author got inside these two and developed fully rounded, sympathetic yet flawed, individuals with emotional depth. O. Barnack, Amazon reader

…this book allows you to get a deeper look inside the feelings and actions of the abuser, the abused, and those left in the wreckage of abuse. Sherry, Amazon reader

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