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For example, Katrina writes on facebook:

“I took my eldest boy (now 23 mths) to the hospital when he had problems when 4 wks old: he was failing-to-thrive (not growing) and had feeding problems. But the pediatricians at the hospital didn't believe in allergies. Two weeks later we went to see Dr Ford. It turns out that Tomasz has multiple food allergies - no wonder he screamed when feeding and wasn't putting on weight!”

Denise says something similar

“Also most doctors say they will grow out of a food allergy by the time they are 2 or 3. Not true in my son's case, and I had to fight tooth and nail to get my son tested. The head pediatrician insisted my breast milk had no nutritional value what so ever. Turned out the mucousy poos and constant rash was caused by a dairy and egg allergy, and this was the reason why he didn't put on any weight for nearly 3 months. Luckily I stuck to breastfeeding, as it helped heal his gut along with eating the right foods. My son is now 29 months old, thriving and growing :-)”

And this is what Jessica said
“I love the doctors who say the little guys 'can't be allergic until they are 2-3 yrs and have lived through the different seasons.' So much for that: my son was diagnosed with a laundry list of food and environmental allergies at 10 months. My daughter's list is shorter, but she was just over 15 months. Food allergies certainly can trouble little babies.”

Doctors not trained in allergy

Unfortunately, many health practitioners and specialist have had no training in allergy. Although the science of food allergy is robust, many doctors choose to “not believe” in food allergy. In medicine and health care, science and facts should be the guide to diagnosis and management. Not a 'belief' in an illness. As a pediatrician, could I also say that I do not believe in heart disease! Clearly, such a statement would be met with ridicule.

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