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A Secret Doorway Tale: Book Four

By V. A. Jeffrey

Book cover art by Claudia McKinney

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012

It was late in the evening and she could smell the savory scent of dinner wafting out from the kitchen window. Anne was digging around in the ground, trying to find just the right depth to plant her seedlings. They had gone to the gardening store earlier and as a treat her parents bought her a few daffodil and tulip bulbs. They also bought a fountain, tiles and stones, soil and all sorts of other things. Dad was planning to build a koi fish pond in the summer and she couldn't wait!

She was planting a few beans just to see how they would turn out. The breeze was cool and she could feel goosebumps pimpling up along her arms. A very light rain was drizzling down in the west, heralding the fragrant month of April. Early spring had arrived. With spring came longer days and she liked watching the sunset colors fade down. In the eastern sky the tiny clouds above looked like a sea of white paint daubs blushed with pale rose, like one of those wistful paintings she once saw at the art museum. Maxfield Parrish. The teacher said. The last of the winter snows had melted away with the March winds. But even with the fading away of winter, something stayed behind. A something that wasn't quite right.

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