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Charlotte’s Feathers

By Matthew Fish

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Matthew Fish

All Rights Reserved

Her dress still smells of her. The subtle hint of lilac and the salt water scent of her sweat in the summertime fill his nostrils. Flashes of her naked body fill his mind, moments of flesh. He can remember his hands upon her body, tracing down the intricate lines of her soft slender form with his fingertips. A brief, fleeting, moment of excitement washes over him. However, the moment is gone as quickly and aimlessly as a wandering breeze. He places the dress into an old box that has stains of water and smells faintly like must and mildew. Slow tears begin to trace down the features of his face from blue eyes that, like an ocean, can no longer keep the waves at bay.

A single tear falls onto the dress. The white summer dress, with its thin straps and red rose print, responds with a slight stain of grey—similar to rain drops on a hot rock on a summer day. Before the tear can disappear into the light cotton fabric, it is buried beneath a pair of slender blue jeans with slight tears at the knees.

He pauses for a moment at the small sound of a metallic chime. Looking into the box, fallen from the pocket of the jeans, he spots a silver necklace adorned with a circular, sea foam colored glass with flecks of gold that sparkle in the final moments of the light of an evening sun. He retrieves it from the box. The piece of decorative glass is strangely warm to the touch.

His mind wanders off for a moment.

“It is absolutely beautiful,” The young girl says as she looks at the open white box—a wide smile upon her narrow face. Her large hazel eyes sparkle in the dancing soft light of a candle. The light plays against her cheeks—accentuating the tiny dimples contained within.

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