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When in a light trance, the automatic writers are more open to their Higher Selves and can channel their own higher-minded information clearly, creatively and concisely. Although I personally don't practice automatic writing, I know when I'm writing creatively - with some help from upstairs - and when I'm hacking through a wordy mess, all forced from a tired, conscious mind.

Like automatic writing, the ability to speak in tongues often comes from one's tuning into another source. When people talk in tongues, they make an utterance or loud chatter of incoherent sounds. The sounds - usually rapid, with no recognizable meaning - may come from another earth being, a spirit entity or a space entity. But again, this isn't the trance channeling made popular in the past decade and addressed extensively in a following chapter.

One of the more popular gifts making news in the present spiritual movement is healing: the process of sending loving and healing energy to people in need. In healing (also covered in a following chapter), a person lays on the hands or sends positive, powerful thoughts in order to direct healthy energy towards ill bodies and sick minds. Actually, healing is done by the ill person's body. But that sick body may need a little help from a healer's positive energy or a doctor's helpful medication.

The final and most advanced psychic skill covered here is astral traveling. Also termed out of body experiences (OOBE) and astral projection, this skill finds you leaving the physical body to travel in the astral body, the etheric counterpart to the physical vehicle. Out of body traveling is similar to the much publicized near death experiences. But the astral travelers in their trance state (or dream state) leave the body behind, not in a simulated release of death, but to deliberately visit higher planes of existence.

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