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Even so, I laughed at myself for acting silly in class. Allowing a guy in a baseball hat to have control over me? What, with his intoxicating speech? Come on Heather, I scolded. It was just a guy in a hat with a pleasant voice…and large warm hands. The heat of the moment. I wouldn’t fall for that one again. In fact, I promised myself I’d be perfectly normal when we all met at study group that afternoon.

After that was settled I stretched out my legs and propped on my elbows, lifting my face to the sunbeams as the brightness shined through my eyelids and soothed my uncertainties. Soon I relaxed my arms and reclined fully. It was the most peaceful I’d felt since I could remember. Peaceful, indeed. My eyelids rested, my breathing deepened, and then I drifted into blackness.

Chapter 2

The facts are that no one can predict what will happen. Yes, the surgery went well, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll recover completely. We’ll have to wait and see. To answer your question, if and when she does pull out of it, you can expect high levels of amnesia, heavy word loss, and moderate to severe disorientation at best. Considering the damage to her brain, I must caution that that would be a best case scenario.”

I woke with a headache. Not exactly a headache, more like an achy head. I had been dreaming of the ocean again. The cooling ocean water was coursing through my body, the strobing lighthouse pierced my eyes.

I roused from my nap to loud conversations and a student-packed lawn, a warm cuisine smell permeating the area. Sleepily, I watched the girl next to me munch on buttered popcorn. But it was the large clock tower that captured my attention enough to free myself from the dream. Three minutes till noon, when my Creative Writing class started. Hopefully, enforcement of the tardy rules hadn’t kicked in yet. I jumped up from my nap before my body was awake.

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