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The Devil to Pay

A Sailing Adventure Mystery.


Gene J. Parola


"An absorbing tale of hidden motivations that keeps the reader guessing until the end, The Devil To Pay is enthusiastically recommended for those mystery buffs who appreciate a well crafted tale of intrigue and suspense." Midwest Book Review

"Billed as a 'sailing adventure mystery,' this novel delivers on all counts. The diehard sailor will love the nautical language and technical details supplied throughout the text. Lovers of action-adventure mysteries will find The Devil to Pay a satisfying read. Characters are well-developed and readers care about the good guys winning over the bad guys. I was immediately captivated by the rich language used in setting descriptions in the book.... [and] dialogue is natural and adds an extra dimension to the story. The pacing is quick, making this book a page turner. Mr. Parola uses an interesting device of placing narrative, quotes, and subtitles at the beginning of each chapter, offering the reader a glimpse ahead and providing a deeper understanding of the story. Mr. Parola is extremely skilled with dialog…." Writers Digest

"This is a damn good book!" Roy Osborne, Loughborough, U.K.

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