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Dawn trudged through the deep sands, looking over her shoulder, but only seeing the bright sun beating down on her. That bright sun had kept her hands in front of her eyes for what seemed like miles. A mile could seem like a day in the Savage Sands.

She had hoped to see something in the distance after the first huge dune she passed, but she had seen nothing. Somewhere, she knew her brother was out there. And the reason why she kept looking behind her, was because it was possible that there was someone looking for her.

The reasons for someone looking for her was a lot more sinister. Dawn worked in the palace, and when one of the palace workers disappeared, it would only be natural for them to send someone after her. They might think she is a spy, heading off to tell secrets to the enemy. Whatever the reason, they would not be happy when they found her as well.

She knew Taros was out here somewhere. If she didn’t go look for him, who would? It was insane. If any of the guards found her, they would probably throw her in a jail cell for being insane. No woman had the right to look for a lost soldier. But after a week of disappearance, Dawn knew that the other soldiers had given hope of ever finding Taros and his crew.

She wanted to scream, “Brother, where are you?”, but her mouth would only be filled with sand. It whipped her back and forth, and she almost lost her footing. If she didn’t find him soon, she would end up lost as well. There was no way she could find the strength to head back now. Nor would she be allowed entrance back in the city.

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