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When Outer Planets Change Signs


Study Guides in Astrology: When Outer Planets Change Signs © 2011 by Lauren Delsack. Published by Lauren Delsack at Smashwords.

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Welcome to this study guide on outer planets --- Uranus, Neptune and Pluto --- changing signs, and how this affects us individually in our lives. We know for example the planet Pluto transited into the sign of Capricorn in 2008, and we saw on a global level what that did to the break down of the economy and financial situation around the world. But what happened in terms of our individual lives at that time? We are living in incredible times right now, and as astrologers and students of astrology, we can observe Uranus, Neptune and Pluto changing signs and how this affects events on a global level.

When I first started studying astrology and reading books on the subject, I learned to regard these three outer planets as generational planets, and that when they change signs, they affect generations of people born within a certain time period. I never learned how this could impact personal events in our lives.

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