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The Little Bird Who Thought He Was Human?

By Trinity R. Westfield

Copyright 2012 Trinity R. Westfield

All rights reserved.

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ISBN: 978-0-9872424-2-6 (ebook)

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The Little Bird Who Thought He Was Human

Once upon a time there was a little bird who thought he was human.

His name was Tweeky.

The little bird was owned by a young girl named Madison.

Tweeky loved his home in his white birdcage with his perch, his food, and all of his toys.

All day long the little bird chirped and sang. He was a very happy little bird.

Madison talked to the little bird a lot as if he was a person, just like you and I. So the little bird thought he was a human too.

Tweeky always chirped to Madison when he wanted something. He thought he was talking like you and I do, and he didn't understand why sometimes Madison couldn’t understand him when he chirped.

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