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This message is specifically for those Christians who have “accepted” Christ but still feel like something is missing. I’m not talking about Christians who are happy where they are, I’m talking about those of us who are struggling to walk it out, or who have given up completely. I’m talking about those who want to serve God but don’t understand why they don’t have the will-power to sustain. I’m talking about those who have “gone through the motions,” or done all that they are “supposed to do,” but who do not know in absolute certainty that they know Jesus Christ. I’m talking about those who look around the church at leaders who have fallen and think, “What hope do I have to know God if they don’t even know Him?”

This book tells the story of my journey through my own experiences. I decided to lay my life out openly in this book with the hope that my vulnerability and transparency will help you look honestly at your own relationship with Christ. Anyone who knows me knows I am an extremely private person by nature, so this took a tremendous prompting from the Holy Spirit and a huge leap of faith for me. But I felt that to talk about what God can do for you without willingly exposing myself would be disingenuous.

This book does not represent a formula to know Christ because there is no such thing. Your walk with Him is personal, and He treats it is as such. He is faithful to finish the work He has begun in your life, and all He requires is an honest commitment. This book does not represent some sort of pass or fail test either because there is no condemnation in Christ.

This book simply outlines seven guideposts that you can use to challenge your experience with Him and assess whether or not you have come to fully know Him.

I hope that if you see an area you have yet to discover in Him, you will be compelled to pursue Him in that way. Even greater than that, I hope that if you are someone who has given up on the belief that you can serve Him for the duration of your life, you will come to understand one thing - You will serve Him once you love Him, you can love Him once you know Him, and you will come to know Him through the experiences you share together with Him.

If you are one of those people doing everything you are “supposed” to do yet you have not fully experienced the easiness of His yoke and the realization of the fullness of life in Christ that He has for you, then I want this book to prove one thing to you - He wants you to come to know Him more than He wants you to serve Him. I hope my story helps you take hold of that truth.

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