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Why the Firefly Blinks

By Katrina Joyner

Smashwords edition, copyright 2012

License Notes: Published at Smashwords, copyright 2012. This document may not be reproduced or duplicated for commercial means without the express permission from the author.

Why the Firefly Blinks

Katrina Joyner

Coyote's Daughter lived with her father in the forest, in a lodge of lush ferns by a great tree.

One of Coyote's Daughter's favorite things was a necklace of strung pearls, a gift from the sea, strung with white sinew, tied in knots strengthed by beeswax. The beads comforted her when she was sad, because they told her of faraway places. Never a day went by that Coyote's Daughter did not wear her necklace.

Coyote’s Daughter was very beautiful. Her hair was as black as black could get, and her eyes were brighter than a thousand bee stings. Braves tried to court Coyote's Daughter, bringing gifts and making songs. This they did all the time, when she sat under her tree by the lodge. She took the gifts, listened to the songs, but never showed an inclination to any of the men.

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