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Kat Halstead

© 2012

Smashwords Edition

Breathe in, breathe out.

Taking a step forward she caught the sun glistening off the lake, the feel of the cool water as the breeze grazed against her skin. She pulled her sunglasses on, not only to protect her from the sun and from the memories.

A wooden cross had been placed in memory of what had happened here. That was years ago however and most of it had worn away thanks to the sun, wind and dust. Any of the trinkets that had been placed in memorial of them had vanished, drifted away as the time passed.

Reaching down she touched the worn edges of wood, saying a silent prayer for just a moment before looking towards the lake again. Pushing her hair from her face as the wind picked up.

Beautiful isn’t it? Even for a tragic history,” His voice sent a chill down her spin, flooding her with more memories of summers from her past. Nights under the stars, afternoons by the lake, beers by a bon fire and kisses under the moon.

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