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This is for my mom who was my #1 champion, Suneil Beckley. She was the first to hear of this book idea many years ago when it was born. Her sunshine may have gone out but without her this book never would have been written. And to my husband, Mike, who is the greatest provider of alone time there is.

In getting this book to publication I'd like to acknowledge several friends and peers. My developmental editor Kathryn Craft. She taught me how to "not show my underpants"…in my writing that is. She's an amazing editor, writer, and a friend. Thanks to Randi Sherwood, who was my first beta reader and provided in depth edits and infinite encouragement. I couldn't forget, Bill Beck, a non-reader who bravely slogged through this book staying up to the wee hours to finish. My dear friend, Lisa Green, was also a beta reader. Her edits were right-on and her support uplifted me through the frustrating times in writing this book. Stacy Green offered valuable edits along with motivational support. I also owe gratitude to several members of the Philadelphia Liars Club including; Jonathan Maberry, Marie Lamba, Don Lafferty, Keith Strunk, Kelly Simmons, and Gregory Frost. All provided support in the form of advice on the craft and business of writing or editing assistance to make this book better.



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