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This eBook is written to help you on your food allergy quest. It tells you how you can get through the Food Allergy Maze.



Chapter 1. How do you recognize food allergy?
The Big List: common food allergy symptoms
Symptom list from “Dangerous Grains”
Poor health – run down
Common food allergens
Other food reactions
Multiple food allergy

Chapter 2. How common is food allergy – who gets it?
Who is affected? Families?
The allergy switch – how allergies develop in babies
The “Allergic March”
What causes allergies?
Other allergy influences could include:
Food allergy prevalence
Is it a “virus” or food allergy?
Find out if you have a food allergy/ intolerance

Chapter 3. Getting well again
Finding your health again
You will not be Dr Ford’s patient
Who is Dr Rodney Ford?
Dr Ford’s qualifications
Expert on food allergy

Chapter 4. Questions all about the eClinic
What is the purpose of the eClinic?
Who could be helped by the eClinic?
With what sort of symptoms can you be helped?
Can you trust Dr Ford’s opinion?
What guarantees do you have?
How best to use the eClinic?
How is your own doctor involved?
Why set up an eClinic?

Chapter 5. Web links and books by Dr Rodney Ford


Chapter 1. How do you recognize food allergy?

About one-in-four people suffer from some sort of food reaction.

The Big List: common food allergy symptoms

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