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"Great-Grandpa Fussy and the Little Puckerdoodles is an excellent new title, with wonderfully illustrated stories. The author is 94 and the illustrator is 23, but the stories are timeless." --Alan Caruba, Bookviews

Twenty-one brief and chuckle-filled stories are packed into this ‘family read-aloud book,’ written by a great-grandfather who has generations of experience in the parenting field. The tales tell of the impish Puckerdoodles: Teenie, Weenie, Waddles and baby Toodlebug. Kids will enjoy the antics and illustrations as Williams captures the magic of childhood wonder—learning to spit watermelon seeds, falling in love with a first puppy, selecting ice cream at the local parlor. The story of a crabby toddler who gets up on the wrong side of the bed is guaranteed to elicit big grins. An excellent pick for parents to read aloud, young readers ages 7 to 10 also will enjoy saying the very words in these stories—marshmallows, Britches the dog, kazoo, six-shooters, Ma and Pa Fuddyduddy and the children's silly names. Williams has a true talent for language, and the illustrations are colorful and cute without upstaging the stories.”—Today’s Librarian

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