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Tree Book ISBN: 978-0-9814256-9-6 

First published by Rebel ePublishers 2009

Edited by Jayne Southern

Cover design by Jacques Stenvert

Interior design by Caryatid

With Thanks

I would like to thank the following people:

Caleb, Rebekah, Patricia, Josephine, Joshua, Caoilfhionn, Brianna, for being amazingly supportive and for understanding that writing is my thing.

Chris for listening and nodding even when he has no clue what I’m raving about and for understanding that whatever it is, it’s important!

Chrissy Gordon, for being my greatest fan and for total impartiality at all times.

My parents, for instilling in me a belief that I could do anything I wanted to do. So I did.

Galileo, (aka Chadd Michael), for teaching me the value of never saying ‘never’ and for letting me model Mac on him. Thanks for the dance.

Simon Burnett (author) who has been incredibly generous with his time and is always willing to read and offer suggestions.

Graeme Johns, (author), who knows exactly what to say when the shit hits the fan and who is an all round good guy. I owe you a couple of bottles of wine!

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