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Red Ink: Bloodletting

By Astrid Cherry and Eva Kirsche

Copyright 2012 Astrid Cherry

Smashwords Edition

Darius opened the door of the apartment he shared with Jeremy and was greeted with chaos and disarray; boxes strewn about, stacks of books perched on the edge of the coffee table, last night's dishes still piled in the sink. He felt a twinge of irritation, because although most of the mess was justifiable considering the looming move-out date that would follow their college graduation next week, he felt there was no excuse for the state of the kitchen, considering that Jeremy had blown off all of his classes that day in order to get his things in order. He shook his head at all the half-filled boxes piled on the sofa and felt another wave of irritation. Darius liked things tidy and in their proper places. The occasional magazine or book or CD left out didn’t bother him, but the disorganized mess that assaulted his eyes at every turn was just too much for him, and it made him feel twitchy. Jeremy was forever telling him he was too anal, which led to the inevitable gay jokes.

Not bothering to try and make himself heard over the din of Jeremy's booming techno remix playing loudly, he picked his way through the mess towards his bedroom. He noticed that Jeremy's door was halfway ajar, and raised his hand to rap on the door. His hand halted mid-air as he saw Jeremy, sitting in his beanbag with his back to the door, and masturbating to one of the many home made videos he had stored on his laptop.

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