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Being’ Explained

By Austin P. Torney

Copyright 2012 Austin P. Torney

Smashwords Edition

The Composition of Being

There are appearances of lumps of matter (stuff) in a place of space, all of them in motion or rotation, whether the space is here on Earth, in outer space, or mentally, as internal representations of the external.

While space and matter may ultimately be very similar at the microscopic level, at the functional life level they are an oppositional pair because we can clearly arrange stuff in space(s), such as furniture, or see stuff separately, such as an animal walking or a leaf falling, and so space is very much the opposite of stuff.

Space is the ‘where’ of existence and matter is the ‘what’, this ‘what’ in the ‘where’ usually having a clear distinction. The motion of the ‘what’ of stuff through the ‘where’ of space makes for the other, transitional pair of ‘then’ and ‘when’, of that stuff changing, which becomes the notion of past and future, of what was and what will be.

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