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The oppositional pair of space vs. matter and the transitional motion or change granting the time from the pair of past and future are the four foundational bases of the pyramid of ‘being’, with a spirit of life becoming the blend of all, which is similar in scheme to the forces pyramid in which gravity becomes as the blend of the weak force vs. strong force opposition and the electric to magnetic, and reverse transition.

So, all this gets incorporated into the necessary nature of a progressive being, for being must evolve to match what is, if it is to survive, meaning that being could hardly be much different than it is, as a necessary reflection of reality.

The actual rearrangement of matter to be started and completed as the future comes to pass is called a progression, one that hopefully began and is kept track of via the wishes that become of the mental projection in the space of the future, all of the preceding melding into what we can call vision, for lack of a better word.

On the other side of the future, which is the past, we have that the matter of the past constitutes history, along with our remembrance of it being as made of a mental space of the past, both history and remembrance ever combining into learning.

As for remembrance and wishes that operate in space, they in combination lead to a change in outlook that makes a difference, while the history and progression that are of matter combine into the actual changes in matter structures built or rearranged.

Vision and change in structure make for more excellent planning, while learning and change in structure provides creativity. Learning and a change of outlook provide for direction, and a change in outlook with vision provides for growth, all these in unison making for a fine and complete being.

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