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A Walk In The Moonlight – True Tales of Hauntings and Strange Coincidences



©2008 Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc

Use of this work of non-fiction in part or whole without written consent of the author, prohibited.




Author Disclaimer:

This work of non-fiction is based on actual events, happenings and coincidences. However, to protect the privacy of those involved, some names, and precise locations may have been changed.



In your hands you hold a most unique book…

How so you might ask? Well, this book is not your typical collection of ghost stories…it is my own personal collection of spooks, haunts and things that, when they happened, gave me shivers, and made me ponder the “what ifs” of that other side of life out there. If you have any interest at all in the paranormal, you will know what I mean…that side of existence the one in shadow and shade that so many people try to glimpse each day whether it be out of curiosity, skepticism or because they too have experienced the unexplained.

In this collection you will be treated to stories from my own family, tales I have been told, my own personal experiences then those things that happened after the fact and were simply too fantastic to forget.

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