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“The others should meet us back at the hostel before too much longer,” said Sally.

“Maybe. Josh might tie them to their seats until he wins,” said Derrick.

“It’s only a card game.”

“Not to Josh. He’s been trying to impress Breanne in any way possible. The game is a test of his masculinity.”

The U-Bahn car jolted the teammates as it sped along its course. A woman looked sideways at them from a seat ahead, surprised to hear a couple American kids on her commute home from work.

“He should concentrate more on pleasing her than proving his worth. Girls like to be complemented, and not just on their figures. They like guys who show interest in their interests and ask for their opinions,” said Sally. She fidgeted with the strap to her bag, looking at everyone but Derrick.

“Guys usually wait for girls to approach them, and not always because of cowardice, but because of their train of thought. Take Josh for example. When he first saw Breanne, he had enough sense to create small talk. By now he’s gazed at her legs for so long that he’s probably forgotten her ability to speak. I bet, at the end of this trip, she’ll approach him to determine if his head contains anything other than a pair of eyes and a lolling tongue.”

The U-Bahn stopped to admit more passengers. A group of teenagers with neon-colored hairdos and long, black coats entered. To make room, Sally and Derrick took two back corner seats.

“Josh may not be very intelligent or well spoken, but he’s artistic and caring. Not every girl should expect someone as suave as James Bond,” said Sally.

“No, but guys should be able to talk to a girl. Any girl.”

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