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"Bitch, I know you didn't!” Silk screamed as she ran into the room, where Fidel laid lifeless on his favorite recliner.

"He…he was coming at me!" Tiah lied as she loosened her grip on the trigger.

"Bitch, how in the hell was he coming at you and he's all the way over there!" Silk screamed as Tiah stood speechless.

"Now how in the hell are we going to get in the safe?" Lexi asked as she and Kya entered the front room of Fidel's spacious four-bedroom home.

After doing everything in their power to get into the five-foot, digital-lock, armored safe, they gave up.

"All this shit for nothing! Don't never kill a muthafucker until the safe is opened!" Silk screamed.

“He…he was co—" Tiah started but was abruptly cut off by Silk as she moved on her like a lion on its prey.

"Look here, bitch! This is your last fuck-up! You making this shit way harder than it has to be! The next time you take shit in your own hands, I'm going to stop you from breathing. Feel me?" Silk said angrily as she clenched her teeth and waved her Glock in Tiah's face.

They rushed out of the house pissed at Tiah, climbed back into the tinted-out, smoke-gray Chevy and left with no money.

Chapter 1

After leaving Atlanta and moving to Miami, Silk fell victim to the life of the rich and famous. Before she knew it, her funds from the NWM lick had dwindled down to a mere five figures. In need of money, Silk sat back and put a plan together, realizing she would need a team to carry it out. One night not long after that, Silk was out scouting at Blazers, one of Miami's most popular strip clubs. There, she met Lexi and Kya, two dancers on a mission to get paid by any means necessary.

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