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Lets Play

A Game
Taylor Pacholko

Game 1: Mr.Mars

People Needed: 3

People Recomended: 8+

Needed: Just yourself

What to do!: When you play Mr.Mars you pick someone to be "Mr.Mars" when you do she/he goes to the middle of the playing area. The rest of the kids line up and shout "Mr.Mars! Mr.Mars! Will you take us to the stars!" Then Mr.Mar's will reply with something like Only if your wearing blue or only if your six feet tall or only if you have blonde hair then the kids with that can cross the middle safely to the other side then though Mr.Mars says 1...2...3! And trys to tag the remaining kids. The kids that are tagged now help Mr.Mars tag others until there is one person left then you can stop or make the last person the next Mr.Mars!

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