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It had been drifting through space since before time began

What others are saying about Distant Suns

Praise for Distant Suns:

The subject matter of your book couldn’t be more topical or timely and I found the central premise of your story to be fascinating. All the material in your book to do with the gas clouds, asteroids, superheating, etc., is absolutely brilliant. You manage to put across very simply some ideas that I am sure are actually quite complicated. The inclusion later on in the narrative of those short scenes from various corners of the world helps to establish the global impact of the story. It also opens the narrative out, lending it a pleasing cinematic feel and creating a sense of urgency and community.” – The Literacy Consultancy

"Both Cindy, our publisher, and I agree that the novel is wonderful..." – Ed Lord


Reading a worthwhile prolepsis on global warming is a slightly chilling prospect, particularly when the outcomes are described so neatly and brought forward from a distant possibly, maybe, into the foreseeable next four years.

A stellar explosion, physically far removed from earth, leads to a chain of events within our own solar system that strips the earth of its atmosphere in more rapid fashion than any contrivance of human beings is achieving at the moment. The story unfolds through the four years in a series of vignettes from around the world. From the astronomers who first make the observations; to the children, scientists and engineers, who embody the future hope of humanity, we see and feel the emotional, political and tangible responses of beings that experience not only personal tragedy but the possible extinction of their species.

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