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Motherly Love

C. A. Verstraete

Motherly Love

© 2010 CAP/C. Verstraete

Cover Design: C. Verstraete

Smashwords Edition, May 2010

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This is entirely a work of fiction. Any similarity to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

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Chicago, 1929

The kerosene lamp on the table flickered faintly, the feeble light enveloping the kitchen of the small flat with an eerie glow.

Normally, I would've jumped up at the increasing duskiness that masked the worn linoleum beneath my feet and the bulges in the excessively plastered walls. I hated the dark, and usually rushed to find some old candle stubs to dispel the shadows and augment our meager fuel supply.

Now, such things didn't really matter. Instead of feeling uneasy about the approaching shadows, I almost wished I'd be swallowed up by the malevolent beings I imagined hid unseen in the thick blackness.

A hoarse croak floated out of the small bedroom a few steps from the kitchen and stopped my musings. "Maria?"

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