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A Sex Slave For My Husband

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 by Justine Snowe

John opened the door to his house, juggling his keys, his briefcase, and the bouquet of roses he’d picked up for his anniversary. Normally, he’d call out to Sarah when he got home from work, but she had to work late tonight, so he kicked off his shoes without saying anything, and then headed into the kitchen. He placed his briefcase on the table, and then placed the roses on the counter. He grabbed a vase off of the shelf, and began to fill it in the sink.

The sun had already set, and it was dark out, so the window over the sink acted as a mirror. As the vase filled up with water, he looked over his reflection. He and Sarah had been married fifteen years today, and although the number made him feel old, he still looked young. His face was lean and clean-shaven, and his short black hair had only a few flecks of grey here and there. Unlike most of his coworkers at the bank, John kept in shape, jogging daily, such that he maintained the athletic cut of a younger man, despite sitting in front of a computer all day.

Once the vase was filled, he unwrapped the flowers and trimmed the ends, humming to himself. Even though he wouldn’t get to spend the evening with Sarah, he was still in a great mood. She’d known that she’d have to work tonight for a few weeks now, but she promised that she would get him a gift “he would never forget”. He smiled to himself as he put the flowers in the vase, knowing that, even if they couldn’t have dinner together tonight, at least they’d have the night together.

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