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After he had settled in for a few months, someone gave Brian a computer. It was an old laptop and they had as well given him a cheap computer desk bought from a computer shop. Also, they had got him a table for his printer from an average furniture store that was not normally for anything computer-like. But, at least, it would do as a cheap printer table. There is nothing like getting a computer home and for a few hours plugging things in, getting them to work, and adjusting a few things so it prints. You feel excited and then deflated. Brian had not had his own computer beforehand and his apartment can return now as it was before but with a computer.

He switched off the VDU for a second and then took out a paper notepad. On this, he writes, 'Things to do with the computer' and underlines it. Brian wrote this but then switched the computer on again and typed it in. When he had finished 'things to do', he added in dates he would finish things on. Seeing this didn't look very clear, he copied only the dates and briefer descriptions onto another page, so it was more readable. He thought of what he had to do. Really, he had already written everything he could think of he would possibly do ever. Yet when he looked at his notes, most of this he could do today even. He was surprised to see this but then a lot of it need only take a few hours.

Next, he took a break.

He thought about what else he could do on it. His handwritten diaries would be something to type in. And he could add his study notes. But he felt disheartened when it reminded him that he had last read his study notes so long ago. After a few hours, he had typed up a few pages of diary and now he looked at his work. The diary was from when he first moved to his apartment and met Vanessa.

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