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Acclaim for Nowhere Near Manhood

“Great stuff!! Took me right back to my childhood, from the five-finger discount to the blood and guts fun!”

Rob Gibson, Wheat Ridge, CO

“It draws me in. It just has that fidgety boy energy, and I can so feel the emotion of the experience as I read!”

Cheryl Smith, Santa Rosa, CA

“I laughed out loud for most every chapter. I was reading it at work and everyone asked me what was so funny.”

Amy Ferreira, Austin, TX

“A very whimsical romp. Great insight into the very core of childhood and adolescence. Tender and sweet when it needs to be. Cute to laugh-out-loud funny when the circumstances arise.”

David Gibbs, Unionville, CT

“I have to say that this was a very easy, fun read. It definitely took me back to my mischievous and awkward younger days.”

Cassie Ward, Denver, CO

“I really enjoyed reading this!”

Joslynn Badders, Centennial, CO

“At first I thought it was a book that I could read one story and put down, but as I got farther into it, I found that I needed the next piece.”

Felipe Botero, Flemington, NJ

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