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The Obligatory Preface

History—In the Beginning… (0 B.C. – 1400 A.D.)

History—The Bronze Age (1400 A.D. – 1700 A.D.)

History—The Silver Age (1700 A.D. – 1960ish A.D.)

History—The Golden Age (1960ish A.D. – Now)

Booby is Only Skin Deep

The Good Stuff

Ride ‘em Cowboy! (Flagellation)

Ready…Aim… (Projectiles)

Clip, Clamp, Clip, Clamp (Clamps and Presses)

The Ties that Bind (Binding)

Igniting the Spark (Electricity)

Just Poking a Little Fun (Piercing)

On the Cutting Edge (Blade Play)

Wax On, Wax Off and Other Japanese Sayings (Wax and Temperature Play)

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