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The Awakening Trilogy (Book 3)

Christine M. Butler


The Awakening Trilogy





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2012 ©Christine M. Butler

Smashwords Edition



Jaxon was on the move again, watching out for dark corners as she stuck to them herself. It was time she found a place to settle in for some rest, but she wasn't exactly sure where she was anymore. Since meeting Caislyn, everything in her life was turned upside down. There was always someone hot on their heels trying to harm them, because of some stupid prophecy neither of them understood. They had spent the last few months of their lives on the run, from their home in northeatern North Carolina in the United States to Ireland and the Gypsy camp somewhere in Eastern Europe. Now Jaxon was on her own, roaming through yet another little European town she'd never heard of before. On these dark nights, it sometimes felt as though the towns rose up around her, ready to swallow her whole. The only boon to her existence was that she was no longer the hunted. She was the hunter now, and she preferred it that way.

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