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The desert sky shone with stars. Those stars were all that Dawn had to amuse herself. It had been a long couple of days. Even if she was chained up for a month, she would not have enough time to count a quarter of them.

She yanked at her wrist restraint again, but it was no use. It was held firmly in place to the rock. Her ankle restraints were held just as tightly. At least she had a good view, and the jailers would often times let her sit during the day. If they didn't give her that, Dawn thought she would die from exhaustion.

Her mind wanted to pull on the chains again, but she knew it was futile. Even the barbarians who were supposed to watch felt comfortable enough to leave her alone. It was only the stars that stayed with her.

When would they execute them? Was Darius, her barbarian prince already dead? She tried to talk to anyone, but no one would tell her. Her mind constantly went back to him. She had felt so secure in his muscular arms, pressed up against that hard chest. Now she felt lost.

It won’t be long. Another day or so and I will probably be dead. If not, I cannot stay a prisoner like this for long. I am getting weaker. In spirit and in health.

As she counted the stars again, she heard someone’s footsteps headed towards her. Probably one of the jailers forgot something. The shuffling of feet got louder, the great shadow loomed over her, choking out the torch’s glow.

That shadow looked eerily familiar. It came closer, the torches around her lighting the man's features. Darius. But how? He was chained up like her. She was exhausted, out of her mind, and only seeing an illusion.

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