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Everyone says how cool that I’m a twin. To have a twin brother. And I, a twin sister to him. How neat, rad, awesome, mysterious, glorious, special, beautiful. It’s a gift, a sign, a connection between two people that can never be measured nor understood. The hand of God has blessed us both.

My twin brother is about as useful as a third arm, that hits you every time you try to do something. And smells like feet. Moldy cheese feet, with a splash of rat butt.

Or, also known as, my twin brother Bill. The (self-proclaimed) Video Gaming God.

He particularly likes to inform the world of his place among us (exalted on high) every time he beats one of his friends in a one-on-one fighting match game. With arms thrown up into the air, controller gripped firmly in one hand, and he shouts, “Yes!” which is promptly followed by rants of his conquering glory, and the pathetic existence of all who behold his incredible gaming prowess.

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