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How to Make The Top Voted Veggie Burger Recipes! The Tastiest, Healthiest Veggie Food You Ever Had

Amanda White

Copyright 2011 by Amanda White

Smashwords Edition


To each and every burger lover who prefers the healthy option!


Hello my name is Amanda White and I am known as ‘The Gourmet Griller’, welcome to my little book of burger recipes – The tastiest, most nutritious, healthiest veggie burgers you could possibly ever want!

A lot of people who want to live the healthy lifestyle opt for veggie burgers instead of the traditional burgers made from beef and other meats. Veggie burgers are not just for vegetarians only though; they are also great for anyone who wants to cut back on their red meat intake in order to prevent the risk of getting colon cancer, or any other obnoxious health risks that over eating red meat can bring on.

On the other hand, people love to cook veggie burgers because they are so very easy to cook. You only need to cook them for one or two minutes without the fear of E. coli. compared with red meat, where you have to make double sure to really cook the meat properly to prevent the risk of acquiring food poisoning and so on.

Now, if you are not familiar with veggie burgers, you can experiment and try out different types and ingredients at first until you find the one you like. You can start with veggie burgers with soy and oil as they have a more burger-like texture. Burgers made with grains and vegetable have a less meat-like texture.

When buying veggie burgers, make sure that you do not buy anything that contains over 300 mg of sodium per serving. And, if you limit your meat consumption, make sure that you buy veggie burgers that have more iron than others. It is important that you aim for at least 10% of the daily iron intake. Buy veggie burgers that are also fortified with vitamin B12.

There are some people who think that Portobello mushrooms are a great alternative to veggie burgers. However, mushroom burgers do not come with a lot of protein, iron as well as other nutrients so it is still beneficial if you stick with the veggie burgers instead. A mushroom burger is only a good choice if you include fish, meat and poultry in your diet.

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